Carving Out Good Times

We’ve had some cool nights and mornings recently and I’ve noticed my shopping cart veering towards the candy displays in the stores. That must mean Halloween is on its way. Some days I manage to steer my cart in the other direction, but sometimes the cart wins and Iendupwithabagofmini Snickers or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in my basket. Hey, win some, lose some, right?!

Instead of eating candy, we have another fun Halloween activity for you. Enter our Jack-o- Lantern contest for a chance to win a special Halloween puzzle!

A Real Cut Up

Head out to your local pumpkin patch or farmers’ market and choose your favorite pumpkin. It doesn’t matter if you like ‘em tall and thin or short and round – just get creative and make it a masterpiece! Be it a traditional smiling face or an intricate vignette, we want to see your best work. This is your chance to show us your cutting skills so sharpen your knives, put on your apron and give it all you’ve got!

We’ve had a few pumpkin carving contests amongst ourselves and with you over the years, so we thought we’d share a few photos from our pumpkin gallery to give you some inspiration.

I’m going apple and pumpkin picking with my nieces and nephews this weekend so I’ll be right in the pumpkin guts with you!

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