Stave Video Collection

View Stave's video collection here. We share moments captured from our television fans, educational videos and a few of our home-made videos created to simply entertain you. From educational to downright insanely humorous, we hope you enjoy them.

The Blue Box Experience

Luxurious, Unique, Devilish, and Fun! Find out what makes Stave Puzzles so magical and keeps people coming back for more!

The Blue Box Experience

Stave On New Hampshire Chronicles

December 2016

The folks from a local television station, WMUR, out of Manchester, New Hampshire visited us in the fall of 2016. We had a blast showing them around our workshop and proudly sharing many puzzle designs with them. In case you missed it, here's a copy of the New Hampshire Chronicles segment about us as shown in December 2106.

Stave on NH Chronicles

CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood

April 2007

In case you missed it, we decided to dig into our corporate vault and dust off the copy of the CBS Sunday Morning segment with Charles Osgood about us for April Fool's Day. To be honest, we think it's terrific! There's a great behind-the-scenes look at all the devious tricks we have up our sleeves as well as an exclusive peek inside Staveland. So pop some popcorn, sit back and enjoy!

Stave on CBS Sunday Morning

Learn About Traditional Puzzles

Traditional puzzles start with the finest art available. Choose from a vast array of categories and themes -- beautiful landscapes or colorful florals, for example. They're often crafted with an irregular edge. You may request personal pieces such as names, dates, and special figure shapes called silhouettes.

Traditional Puzzle Video

Learn About Teaser Puzzles

Teasers maximize befuddlement and minimize solving clues. Exterior pieces fit together as one snug frame, but the center is where you'll find your challenge. The interior pieces nestle together while still leaving some space between each piece. A surprising challenge you wouldn't expect for this size puzzle.

Teaser Puzzle Video

Learn About Trick Puzzles

Trick Puzzles - This is how Steve Richardson, our Chief Tormentor, earned his title. Diabolically difficult, Trick puzzles have multiple ways of fitting together — but only one correct solution! Pick your poison according to how smart, or shall we say brave, you’re feeling.

Trick Puzzle Video

Learn About Limited Edition Puzzles

Stave Limited Edition puzzles are our masterpiece puzzles, pure and simple. Each design goes through months of creation until we're certain we have a puzzle that will thrill you with its art and cleverness. They offer a variety of puzzling elements including Trick, Riddle, Mystery, and Double-Decker.

Our Limited Edition Puzzles

Learn About Custom Photo Puzzles

A Stave Custom puzzle is an unforgettable gift. People have also used puzzles to propose marriage, commemorate lifetime achievements, and as corporate gifts. We cut names, dates, and special silhouettes into every custom-crafted Stave. We're ready to collaborate with you to create the perfect custom wooden jigsaw puzzle. The possibilities are endless!

Custom Photo Puzzle Video