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What People Say About Us

"We usually have one or two Stave puzzles along on vacations and during the holidays. We often have a Stave puzzle out on a table at the house. They're entertaining and stimulating."

Bill Gates


Good Morning America

"Kudos on this puzzle!! It was one of the hardest and most fun Teasers we've done. Even after we figured out the symmetry, the puzzle was a monster right down to the last piece. Thanks!!"

B.C., Pearisburg, VA

"Torture in a box"

M.L., Brooklyn, NY

"I’m spoiled! After you have worked a Stave, no other will do!"

Mrs. H.B.W., San Diego, CA

"Your puzzles never fail to challenge and delight!”

J.D., Oldsmar, FL

"I've never seen one that approaches Stave in quality....You have just got to get one and try it!

Ken Heebner, Portfolio manager for CGM Funds of Boston as quoted in Investor's Business Daily

"I think I got a brain hernia from this one."

D.M., Lancaster, PA

"Thanks for all your unending supply of demonic tricks. Your parents should be proud... (I think!)"

M.M., Mattewa, IL

What a catch! It put up quite a fight, but I eventually landed it. Fantastic puzzle.

R.B., Lincoln, MA

Such clever placement of the personalized pieces.

The W. Family, North Branford, CT

"Just the right amount of pain and pleasure."

B.Z., Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

"…doing jigsaw puzzles is great for the brain; Stave puzzles take that to a higher level."

P.S., Sugar Land, TX

"I wavered between 'this piece must be missing' and 'how many extra pieces have they included' before I finished. Great puzzling!"

M.J., Mayfield, KY

"These puzzles should come with someone to feed my cats and kids! "

D.B. of Quebec, Canada

"The dragon who eats his tail and your mind..."

N.G., Huntington, NY

I love my puzzles — the boxes, the designs, the cut shapes, the fun of putting them together and most of all, the beautiful craftsmanship of the puzzles! Thank you for your care in making them a joy to solve!

V.W., Mill Creek, WA

"It was exactly what a wooden puzzle should be, difficult, fun, and a work of art!!"

K.O., Alpharetta, GA

"Ouch-exquisite misery! I like my puzzles to be hard but this set a new standard!"

C.C., Montpelier, VT

"I ordered a puzzle for our 20th Wedding Anniversary, which was yesterday. It arrived in plenty of time. I gave it to my wife at a restaurant last night, and she was thrilled. It was very nicely packaged and the pieces were delightful, especially the custom ones. We look forward to showing our kids and attempting to solve the puzzle this weekend.  Needless to say, I couldn't have obtained such a wonderful gift at any local store. I'm really glad there's a company like yours available online.

C.H., Redmond, WA

"How did we like the puzzle? A little flustered (just a little) with the puzzle. Felt the need for revenge, so we had chicken for dinner! Felt much better after that."

M.Y., Swanton, VT

"I just love these puzzles and they bring me great joy."

K.M., Killington, CT

"You've brought a lot of joy to our family."

C.F., Lake Forest, IL

"A Stave jigsaw puzzle is designed - and guaranteed - to confound, exasperate, and amaze!"

September 1, 1991