Handcrafting the world's finest wooden jigsaw puzzles since 1974

Stave Tormentors

Meet the People Behind The Puzzles

For 45 years we have been bringing fun, challenge, and togetherness to families and friends... don’t forget the torment and anguish we throw in there, too (hee, hee, hee)! Our mission at Stave Puzzles is to create the most beautiful, challenging and entertaining puzzles in the world.

The wit and mischief of the Stave gang inspires letters, calls, gifts, bribes and pranks way beyond what you would expect. Like the 10lbs of M&Ms we receive every year from a devoted fan, emails and phone calls from puzzlers bribing us with chocolate for hints to their Trick puzzles.

Our business is to figure out how we can give you the most challenging and entertaining puzzle experience possible. Long before you decide to purchase a puzzle, we’re busy conjuring up new design ideas and choosing what we think is the best artwork for Traditional puzzling.

When you place an order, we guide you through each step - from choosing the perfect image and puzzle size, to customizing it with special silhouette shapes. Our goal is to make your dream puzzle come to life. All while having fun in the process.

Many of us wear several hats! We could be printing artwork for your puzzle, juggling customers on the phone, or designing and laying out a mailing piece. Here’s your chance to meet those of us working behind the scenes.

And, if you've ever wondered who it is that’s providing the joy, frustration and feeling of satisfaction you get when you’re working your puzzle? Each signature clown piece in our puzzle shows the initials of the Stave artisan who crafted your puzzle. Therein lies the answer to your wonderment. You also have your chance to meet the owner of one of those sets of initials.

Hover over anyone's name below to take a peek at their creative personalities.