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Stave Puzzles: Hexed
Limited Edition

Limited Edition 50

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Better clear your schedule-you're not going to want to put the book down, nor are you going to want to stop puzzling 'til the last clue's in place. We DARE you to savor this mystery puzzle.

SIX mysteries: You'll have to figure them all out to know WHO is trying to rock Charlie Purdy's puzzle empire and HOW.

SIX parts to the puzzle: Each in a different velvet pouch. You'll be burning with curiosity as you open each part to see how quickly you can discern the cleverly designed solution. Or can you?

Parts of the puzzle move and change as you advance through the story

Has Charlie Purdy been hexed? You figure it out!

Mystery Story puzzles are accompanied by an unusual and unique Stave Mystery Book.

Size: 15" x 23"
500 pieces
full price: $4,995.00
web price: $4,595.00
Made To Order: Please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery.