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Learn about our Reward and Prize Point programs.

Reward Points

You instantly receive reward points with every purchase. It's that easy! You'll earn 2 points for every $100 you spend (excluding shipping). Each point is the equivalent to one dollar and can be used on a future purchase. After they're earned, you'll have six months to use them.

You can view your reward points balance in your online account, but rest assured, we'll send you a friendly reminder before they expire.

Prize Points

Stave's Rewards Program

When you lift the lid of your new Stave puzzle box, you’ll find a notecard on the top that says Prize Points. Keep track of it—this is a valuable document that leads to Stave cash! You have the opportunity to earn Prize Points for every puzzle purchased, but unlike Reward Points, you'll have to work for them. The notecard included with your puzzle contains the information you'll need to do this. Each point is the equivalent to one dollar and can be used on a future purchase or for a cache of swanky Stave items (shown below). Prize Points can be earned up to six months after you receive your puzzle. After they're earned, you'll have six months to use them.

Trade your Prize Points for these items.

Call us at 802-295-5200 or email PrizePoints@Stave.com to redeem your Prize Points for these items.

14K Gold or Silver Logo Necklace
Value = 250 to 600 Prize Points

Stave Clown Necklace

Choose from 14K gold or sterling silver. Necklace pendant measures 1 inch in height with an 18" chain.

  • Sterling Silver Pendant & chain = 250 Prize Points
  • 14K Gold Pendant & chain = 600 Prize Points

14K Gold or Silver Logo Charm
Value = 200 to 350 Prize Points

Stave Clown Charm

Choose from 14K gold or sterling silver. Stave's logo bracelet charm measures 5/8" in height.

  • Sterling Silver Charm = 200 Prize Points
  • 14K Gold Charm = 350 Prize Points

Stave Reversible Puzzle Board
Value = 245 to 425 Prize Points

Stave jigsaw puzzle board

This elegant reversible puzzle board features a cherry frame with soft beveled edges and mitered corners that are reinforced with two walnut splines. This board has a reversible work surface, a Light Cocoa side for dark puzzle images and a Charcoal colored side for lighter puzzle images. The Stave logo is elegantly engraved on both sides.

Available in 3 sizes:

  • 17" x 11" (fits most puzzles up to 250 pcs) =
    245 Prize Points
  • 15" x 15" (fits most puzzles up to 300 pcs) =
    275 Prize Points
  • 23" x 23" (fits most puzzles up to 500 pcs) =
    425 Prize Points

Stave Wooden Puzzle Box
Value = 145 to 495 Prize Points

Stave wooden puzzle box

An expertly crafted wooden box made from walnut and cherry, with a laser etched walnut inlay of the Stave clown. Inside, puzzle pieces rest gently on blue velvet. The walnut boxes are miter joined and strengthened with cherry spline reinforcement. Made of local wood sources, these boxes are handcrafted exclusively for Stave.

Available in 6 sizes:

  • 3" x 3" (fits puzzles up to 75 pcs) = 145 Prize Points
  • 4" x 4" (fits puzzles 75-150 pcs) = 195 Prize Points
  • 6" x 6" (fits puzzles 151-300 pcs) = 245 Prize Points
  • 7" x 10" (fits puzzles 301-550 pcs) = 325 Prize Points
  • 9" x 12" (fits puzzles 551-850 pcs) = 395 Prize Points
  • 10" x 13" (fits puzzles over 850 pcs) = 495 Prize Points

Stave Baseball Cap
Value = 20 Prize Points

Stave baseball cap

The Stave baseball cap is available in 4 color options.
Choose from:
1. White cap with royal blue clown.
2. White cap with multi-colored clown.
3. Light pink cap with pink clown.
4. Royal blue cap with gold clown.

Stave Coffee Mug
Value = 15 Prize Points

Stave coffee mug

Sip in style! This large (15 oz.) white ceramic mug has the royal blue Stave clown on the side. Perfect for hot cocoa or your favorite java!

Stave Wine Glasses (set of two)
Value = 30 Prize Points

Stave wine glass

Nothing goes better with puzzles than wine. A wine glass embossed with a Stave clown makes it even more special. It's the best of both worlds!

Stave Polo Shirt
Value = 40 Prize Points

Stave polo shirt

Stave polo shirts are white with embroidered royal blue clown. Made from pre-washed cotton, and available in Men's Small - 3XL or Women's sizes Small-XL.

Stave T-Shirt
Value = 25 Prize Points

Stave t-shirt

Stave t-shirts are white cotton with blue & green graphic. They're pre-shrunk and available in unisex sizes Small-3XL

Stave Tote Bag
Value = 60 Prize Points

Stave tote bag

This Stave Puzzles tote bag is made of double-thick, rip-resistant canvas. Zip-top closure, outer pocket and four inner pockets. Royal blue with embroidered gold clown.