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What People Say About Us

"Kudos on this puzzle!! It was one of the hardest and most fun Teasers we've done. Even after we figured out the symmetry, the puzzle was a monster right down to the last piece. Thanks!!"

B.C., Pearisburg, VA

"It was exactly what a wooden puzzle should be, difficult, fun, and a work of art!!"

K.O., Alpharetta, GA

“Your puzzles are the most creative, innovative and imaginative. Steve Richardson is to Stave Puzzles what Steve Jobs was to Apple."

J.P., West Hartford, CT

What a catch! It put up quite a fight, but I eventually landed it. Fantastic puzzle.

R.B., Lincoln, MA

I love my puzzles — the boxes, the designs, the cut shapes, the fun of putting them together and most of all, the beautiful craftsmanship of the puzzles! Thank you for your care in making them a joy to solve!

V.W., Mill Creek, WA

"Just a note to tell you I finished Red Tulips for the fourth or possibly fifth time—maybe sixth! And, I still find it VERY challenging! I am only sorry I didn't get it bigger so the fun would last longer!"

E.M., Palm Beach, FL

"Thanks for all your unending supply of demonic tricks. Your parents should be proud... (I think!)"

M.M., Mattewa, IL

Such clever placement of the personalized pieces.

The W. Family, North Branford, CT

"Wow! Wow! And, Wow! Spectacular challenge and fun! Fan Flair was gruelingly fun."

J.C., Silverdale, WA

"On Christmas Eve we celebrate the puzzle's completion with each of us putting our name pieces in place as the final five pieces! Thanks for making Camelot a part of our Christmas tradition."

J.L., Cranston, RI

"The dragon who eats his tail and your mind..."

N.G., Huntington, NY

"I’m spoiled! After you have worked a Stave, no other will do!"

E.F.W., San Diego, CA

"I wavered between 'this piece must be missing' and 'how many extra pieces have they included' before I finished. Great puzzling!"

M.J., Mayfield, KY

"Amazing! It's hard to believe this much fun comes in such a small box"!

J.L., Cranston, RI

"Just the right amount of pain and pleasure."

B.Z., Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

"These puzzles should come with someone to feed my cats and kids! "

D.B. of Quebec, Canada

"…doing jigsaw puzzles is great for the brain; Stave puzzles take that to a higher level."

P.S., Sugar Land, TX