The Sweet Life

Get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth! This colorful masterpiece presents an array of candy-filled jars on shelves, begging to be eatened. But wait, there's more! Dotted throughout the jars are a miniature circus act. Not only will you get your sugar fixing, you'll also be entertained by a merry-go-round, a clown on an elephant, and even a girl riding a lion! The striped backgrounds and purple curtains framing the top corners add an extra pop of color to this playful puzzle. Get your hands on The Sweet Life and indulge in some delicious puzzling!

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Made-To-Order: Our crafting schedule is full for holiday delivery. This made-to-order puzzle will be delivered in 2024. Take an additional 35% off January delivery and we will send you a wooden promise certificate for under the tree! Use code DELIVERY2024 during checkout. Need something sooner? Precrafted InStock puzzles are available for immediate delivery.

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Artist: Aimee Stewart

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