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The Mane Event

Stave Puzzles: The Mane Event
Size: 9.75" x 11"
175 Pieces
Artist: Geoff Cota
Full Price: $1,695.00
Web Price: $1,187.00
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He’s mighty, majestic, and golden brown.
He’s King of the Beasts, but wears no crown.

His rumbling voice symbolizes courage and power.
His stealthy ways may make you cower.

He defends his territory to the end.
To wayward intruders, he is no friend.

His wild behavior, some have tried to tame.
Will you be the next VICTIM to become tangled in his mane?

Can you tame this beast or is he the master of the puzzle kingdom? We’ll let you decide if this fearless creature is as ferocious as he looks. ROOAAAR!

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