A Little Puzzling Etiquette

Have you ever wished you could have a complete ‘do-over’? Well, that’s how I feel right now. I want to go back to last weekend when we hosted our annual puzzling weekend at The Point, in Saranac, NY. We spent the entire weekend surrounded by the beautiful Adirondack mountains and shimmering waters of Upper Saranac Lake while enjoying the gracious hospitality, fabulous food and wine, and amazing views of one of the most memorable places you could ever visit.

Of course, the only things that can make a place like that even better is to be surrounded by great friends and puzzles-and we were! In addition to some familiar faces at the puzzle table, we had several new ones, as well. There’s something about puzzling that just brings people together so I think it’s fair to say we were all great friends by the end of the weekend.

Even though Helen and Evelyn, who had arrived a couple of days early, did a great job of getting first-time puzzlers, Mary Jane and Sondra, settled in with puzzles, there were still a few questions from our newbies. It was fun to listen to The Pro’s providing the answers so I sat back and took notes while they shared their thoughts. I think you’ll get a kick out of reading this.

Is it ok to talk while we’re puzzling?
Yes, but we like to keep it light- no politics or religion.

BBQ lunch on The Point. Yummy! 

Would it be okay if I put a piece in your puzzle?
Well, ummm, errr, well, uhh…. NO.

If I have a “needs help” sign on it – sure!

Only if you follow it up with a good bottle of wine.

What about refreshments? Can I eat and drink while I’m puzzling?
Wine is definitely OK. The more, the better, but keep the red away from the immediate puzzling vicinity. Wooden puzzles and red wine don’t mix well.

You’ve got to try the truffle popcorn while you’re here at The Point but be prepared with a napkin close by. You don’t want to leave greasy fingerprints for the next puzzler to discover.

Truffle popcorn- it’s a-maize-ing! 

I’d really like to work several puzzles while I’m here. Can I stack them by my chair so no one else can take them?
All’s fair in love and puzzling! (I was shocked by this answer. I thought it would get a definitive NO!)

What’s the worst Faux Pas someone can make while puzzling?
Hiding the pieces. We know someone (C.D.) whose daughter hides pieces in her pocket so she can be the one to put the last piece in the puzzle. That’s a BIG no-no!

Can you believe nobody took advantage of this opportunity?! No of us wanted to leave our puzzles!

What’s the best puzzling tip of the weekend?
Try the piece even if it’s a guess. Sometimes it may surprise you and fit right in!