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The Spinning Puzzle TableTop

Guarantees that every piece is within reach!

Handcrafted exclusively for Stave by the same local artisan that crafts our Reversible Puzzle Board and Traveling Puzzle Table, the Spinning Puzzle TableTop turns a full 360° and in both directions. This allows you to work any area of your puzzle, or take turns with friends and family, by spinning the working surface for a new perspective.

Want to reach the pieces on the other side of the table? A discreet wooden lever is embedded in the rich cherry frame. Simply pull the lever and spin the interior of the Puzzle TableTop. Ready to stop? Releasing the lever locks the puzzle surface into place - it’s that simple!

The Spinning Puzzle TableTop is just that – a tabletop (legs not included). It easily fits on any standard card table or you can match it with whatever base you like.

Give it a whirl!

Spinning Puzzle TableTop: $1995*

TableTop dimensions: 39” diameter x 3” high
Working surface: 35.5” diameter

The Spinning TableTop is not available for immediate delivery. Please allow 8 weeks for delivery

Receive notice when this is available.

Or call 802-295-5200 or email info@stave.com for more information.