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We handcraft the world's finest Valentine themed wooden jigsaw puzzles. Perfect for any romantic occasion and to express your love to that special someone. We'll craft your sweetie's name, a special date, and silhouettes shapes that are meaningful to you into most puzzles. Our romantic Valentine's Day puzzles are gifts that last a lifetime!

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  • Our puzzles are handcrafted one piece at a time and delivery times will vary.
  • Puzzles showing a clock are not InStock. Delivery times may vary and may take up to 8-10 weeks to craft and ship your puzzles.
  • Puzzles and merchandise showing a box are InStock and are available to ship the next business day. View all InStock products here!


  • full price: $795.00
  • web price: $565.00

You're Just Dandy

  • full price: $475.00
  • web price: $338.00


  • prices start at $990.00


  • prices start at $990.00

Valentine Nook

  • prices start at $990.00