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Mother’s Day

Wooden Mother's Day Puzzle Gifts

Mom deserves something special, doesn't she? When you're looking for the best gifts for mom, you'll find a perfect match here with our handmade wooden Mother's Day puzzles. Individually crafted, they're a wonderful expression of how much you love your mother, and they're the type of gift which will surely be appreciated and cherished.

We have the best gift ideas for mom no matter what activities she enjoys and loves the most. While some of our Mother's Day puzzles are geared towards the actual holiday, others are simply about her and her favorite interests. Whether that's nature, baking, gardening, cats, or even shopping! A real floral bouquet looks great, but wilts within days. One of our handcrafted wooden jigsaw puzzles can be proudly displayed for years to come.

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Stave Logo Charm - Silver

  • full price: $275.00
  • web price: $275.00

Tea Shop-Stave Village

  • full price: $295.00
  • web price: $295.00

Shopping Tips From The Pros

  • full price: $425.00
  • web price: $298.00

Retail Therapy

  • full price: $695.00
  • web price: $487.00

Stave Logo Necklace - Silver

  • full price: $500.00
  • web price: $500.00

Stave Logo Necklace - Gold

  • full price: $900.00
  • web price: $900.00

Stave Logo Charm - Gold

  • full price: $450.00
  • web price: $450.00

The Lesson

  • prices start at $907.00

Garden Bench

  • prices start at $907.00

Maggie The Messmaker

  • prices start at $907.00

Children's Afternoon

  • prices start at $907.00

Lakeside Morning

  • prices start at $907.00