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Handcrafted Seascape Jigsaw Puzzles

Stave Puzzles offers a huge array of different ocean, seascape and nature jigsaw puzzles. Here, the focus is on our seascapes across a range of categories and styles. There's a nearly endless range of options, scenes that highlight rolling oceans, quaint lakeside communities and homes, golf courses with the water beyond, sailing ships or marinas and docks, and so much more. Take a look and find one that's a perfect match as a gift for the ocean enthusiast in your life or for yourself. 

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  • Our puzzles are handcrafted one piece at a time and delivery times will vary.
  • Puzzles showing a clock are not InStock and may take 4-8 weeks for crafting and delivery.
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  • full price: $1,895.00
  • web price: $1,327.00

Ride The Wave

  • full price: $1,295.00
  • web price: $907.00

Moments In The Sand

  • prices start at $907.00

On A Clear Day

  • prices start at $907.00

Old California

  • prices start at $907.00

Island Times

  • prices start at $907.00

Rainbow Cats

  • prices start at $907.00

Wickford At Dusk

  • prices start at $907.00