Requires extra concentration
Requires extra concentration & patience
Requires extra concentration, patience & aspirin
Requires extra concentration, patience, aspirin & Valium
Requires COMPLETE concentration and a few choice words: $*#@$*@!! Bleep, bleep, bleepidy, bleep.
Hors d'oeuvres-taste Stave shenanigans.
Faint of heart? This may be your limit?
Be prepared to do battle.
If they made Pepto Bismal for the brain, this is when you would need it.
What part of 'impossible' don't you understand?
Holy Smokes! You did it!
You feel feverish as your temperature begins to rise.
Requires you to loosen your collar and let out some steam.
Be prepared for an eruption, you might as well throw yourself into an inferno!
Good for your heart.
Gets your heart racing.
Your heart might skip a beat.
Time to monitor your heart rate.