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Three Little Pigs, Limited Edition

Stave Puzzles: Three Little Pigs, Limited Edition
Limited Edition
135 Pieces
Artist: Candy Thun
Full Price: $2,195.00
Web Price: $1,995.00
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Handpainted, Trick
Limited Edition 64

4 Left!

You know the three porkers and the wolf that was bad. Home wreckage, destruction, lives threatened, EGAD!

Your mission's to puzzle the facts of this crime. "Big deal", you may say, "It's just a nursery rhyme".

Steve's packed in some tricks, if you hadn't guessed. Your puzzling talents will be put to the test.

Have fun, but remember, we won't guarantee madness won't result from Stave's "Little Pigs Three".

With several wrong solutions, it will take a crafty puzzler to outsmart the big bad wolf and find the one correct solution.


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