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Survival Rental Pack - Trick

Trick rental packs
40-100 Pieces
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Crazy times call for crazy measures. Are you stuck at home alone? Let's be home alone - together.

If you're on social media, I'm sure your news feed is flooded with videos and memes about how people are creating unique ways to keep themselves occupied. Take for example, the guy wearing a sock puppet that eats traffic. It's entertaining, but you don't have to be that guy!

We've opened the vault on our slighty loved Trick puzzles (not for sale) and we want to share them with you. For a limited time, we are offering four rental packages to help you beat the boredom.

Here's how it works - it's as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4

1. You choose the package from the drop-down menu below.

2. We'll choose the puzzles in varying difficulties.

3. You have three weeks to work them. These are rental packs and the puzzles must be returned.

4. Then box them up and return them to us (return shipping label is included).


Two packages available - $695* each. Includes standard ground shipping.

 Package descriptions:

1. Receive 3 puzzles ranging in difficulty levels from 1-3 bolts.

2. Receive 2 puzzles ranging in difficulty levels from 3-5 bolts.

If you are an existing customer, we'll check your file to be sure you don't already own the puzzles.

This is a limited time offer — limited supply available.

These are rental packs and the puzzles must be returned.

*No discounts apply.
UPS standard ground shipping is included. Most packages ship the same business day. We have included an expedited shipping option below. Should you choose this, we will ship your package via UPS Second Day Air. Please note: We have been notified by UPS that they are doing everything possible to maintain their timely schedule, however, they are no longer guaranteeing service delivery times (doesn't mean they won't, they're just not guaranteeing it).


InStock puzzles ordered by 2:00 pm will ship the same day. All others ship the next business day.