130 Pieces

Size : 9.75" x 11"

Teasers Teasers Teasers Teasers

Blue blossoms, abundant leafy pieces, bumblebees and monarchs link together to form a beguiling 4-sword butterfly.

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Product Reviews (4)

W.S. 01/20/2023

Super Puzzle

A super puzzle. A great mix of concentration and frustration.

J.V. 01/20/2023

Wonderful Puzzle, Great Challenge!

The puzzle was really slow getting going; I'd only find a piece every so often but there came a breakpoint where it all fell into place. It was wonderful.

R.T. 01/20/2023

This is one of your BEST YET!!

This is one of your BEST YET!!

H.K. 01/20/2023

Drove Me Batty

It was the darn cutouts that drove me batty.

Artist: Dee Rogers

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