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Denzel the Dragon

Stave Puzzles: Denzel the Dragon
Limited Edition

Handpainted, Double Decker, Trick
Limited Edition 35


In this unique Limited Edition, we've created two separate puzzles which can be put together to form one spectacular double-decker puzzle. Denzel, the fire breathing dragon is one puzzle and the castle with the Damsel is the other.

Each puzzle stands alone, plus you can forge a dazzling third creation by plying your puzzling prowess to Denzel himself. Your challenge is to wind Denzel in and out of the castle windows creating an optical illusion. But who will be our Damsel's Knight in Shining Armor? That mystery will be solved as you discover the magically hidden hero.

Size: 12" x 16"
550 pieces
Artist: Candy Thun
full price: $5,395.00
web price: $4,895.00
Made To Order: Can ship in 2-4 weeks.