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Stave Limited Editions are our masterpieces, pure and simple. All are created from commissioned artwork specifically designed for jigsaw puzzling. Each Design goes through months of conceptualization, creation, and fine tuning, until we are certain we have a puzzle that will thrill you with its art, its cleverness, and its overall puzzlement. Many Limited Edition puzzles are hand-painted and are favorites with our collectors. We generally craft only 50 of each puzzle, so their rarity is guaranteed.

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Stave Limited Editions come in different types and levels of trickiness:

Double Decker puzzle Double-Decker PuzzlesRomeo & Juliet, A Midsummer Nights Dream, Snow White, Cinderella, Nutcracker Suite. Extraordinary irregular edges, dropouts, two layers, and special puzzling features will amaze and delight you. This is the zenith of traditional puzzling.

A Midsummer Nights Dream >

Riddle puzzle Riddle PuzzlesTwain Foolery, Wizard of Oz, A Mad Tea Party, Off With Her Head!, Peter Pan & The Irate Pirate, Dickens of a Christmas. The puzzle image is artfully woven with riddles and games—a traditional puzzle, but with a twist. An accompanying booklet guides you through the riddles, word games, and hidden puzzlements. Good fun for families.

Twain Foolery >

Mystery Story puzzle Mystery Story PuzzlesHexed, Pentagon, At the End of His Rope. The puzzle is accompanied by an unusual and unique Stave Mystery Book. You solve the mystery by gleaning clues from both the book and the puzzle.

Hexed >

Limited Edition Trick puzzles Trick PuzzlesH.M.S. Pinafore, Time Traveler, Stavely Manor, Knight at Stavely Castle, The Sword In the Stone, Treasure Island, Under the Big Top, Snowy Evening. Very tricky puzzling—our trickiest! All contain tricks to confound, confuse, subvert, and misguide you.

Knight at Stavely Manor >

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