We raised $3,300 for The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund!


Soon after we kicked off our Virtual Silent Auction to benefit The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund on May 21, bids began to come in for the one-of-a-kind puzzle, Guardian of the Band, by Simon Combes. When the event ended on May 23 at midnight, the 250-piece, pre-crafted, Stave Traditional puzzle, valued at $2,895, brought in a total of 17 bids and was sold to T.T. from California, USA for $3,252. We rounded the highest bid up to $3,300 and sent this full amount directly to The Ellen Fund!



We’re excited to be able to support a cause that we’re passionate about. The Ellen Show is almost always on the television in our shop in the afternoon because she keeps our artisans and staff in good spirits and fills the building with laughter. Ellen DeGeneres’s endeavor to help endangered species through her fund particularly inspired our team because the organization uniquely brings attention to game-changing conservation projects, uplifts women and conservationists of color, and inspires the hope that anyone can make a difference.



As the makers of the world’s finest handcrafted wooden jigsaw puzzles, we decided there was no better way to show our support than by auctioning off a one-of-a-kind Stave puzzle and donating 100% of the proceeds to the fund. After the success of this event, we’re looking forward to what the future holds for our Stave Gives Back Program. For updates on future fundraisers to benefit a variety of charitable causes, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.