We raised $3,300 for The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund!


Soon after we kicked off our Virtual Silent Auction to benefit The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund on May 21, bids began to come in for the one-of-a-kind puzzle, Guardian of the Band, by Simon Combes. When the event ended on May 23 at midnight, the 250-piece, pre-crafted, Stave Traditional puzzle, valued at $2,895, brought in a total of 17 bids and was sold to T.T. from California, USA for $3,252. We rounded the highest bid up to $3,300 and sent this full amount directly to The Ellen Fund!

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The Benefits of Doing Puzzles – The Jigsaw & The Brain

Did you know puzzling improves our use of the trial and error method, problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and visual/spatial reasoning skills? Particularly challenging puzzles can even change the patterns of brain activity. Most brain activity follows certain specific pathways, including when you’re puzzling. However, if you begin a jigsaw, crossword, or Sudoku that’s above your usual skill level, you will probably have to activate some new parts of your brain in order to solve it.
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Life’s a Puzzle

It’s officially summer and it’s been a wet one here in Vermont. We had a rainstorm on the July 4th weekend that did some serious damage to area roads. We had so much rain so fast it caused roads and culverts to totally wash out. In fact, our area was one of the hardest hit. FEMA has been doing damage assessment and the road crews have been diligently working on the repairs.

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Looks Like We’ve Made It

If you’re reading this that means we survived another fabulous holiday season! Someone, probably Paula, dragged herself out of her warm and cozy home to go to the shop to get the tubs of mail for the post office. That’s no easy task when we’re off the week between Christmas and New Year’s. I guess that’s the price Paula pays for living so close to the shop.

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