Inside the Mind of a Stave Artisan

Pick an Image, Any Image

If you don’t find something to love in this newsletter then I’d be surprised. When our graphic artist, Bri, shared these images with us, we were all salivating over them. “I want to cut that one!” “Look at all that color-line cutting you could do in that one!” That’s just how an artisan’s mind works. We look at an image and think of all the fun things we could do if we were crafting it into a puzzle.

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Game on!

One of the things puzzlers love about Stave puzzles is the fact that there’s still fun to be had even after the puzzle is completed. Your puzzle cutter will hide games within your puzzle for you to discover when it’s finished. And if you tell us what you find, you’ll earn Prize Points that you can use to get some really cool Stave stuff!

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Through the Eyes of the Puzzler

How Is Puzzling Not #1?

When meeting someone new, it’s common to ask about their hobbies. Do they like gardening or fishing, cooking or golf? How often does someone respond with “I’m a puzzler”? I did an internet search on hobbies several different ways and puzzling didn’t show up on any of them. What’s up with that?! All this led me to thinking it would be fun to ask you about your puzzling history. I reached out to Karen and Janet, the puzzling sisters, and asked them a few questions. Here’s what they have to say about their favorite hobby!


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Made in Vermont

The Man Behind the Boards

Have you ever wondered who makes the Reversible Wooden Puzzle Boards and Traveling Puzzle Table? They are handcrafted exclusively for Stave by Don Carbino who lives right here in Vermont, just a few miles from Stave. We recently visited his workshop to see him working on the boards and a puzzle table in progress and to also get to know him a little better. Now it’s your turn to meet him!

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Looks Like We’ve Made It

If you’re reading this that means we survived another fabulous holiday season! Someone, probably Paula, dragged herself out of her warm and cozy home to go to the shop to get the tubs of mail for the post office. That’s no easy task when we’re off the week between Christmas and New Year’s. I guess that’s the price Paula pays for living so close to the shop.

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