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Stave puzzles the Presidential Family

Steve and Stave have had an ongoing relationship with Mrs. Bush for quite some time. The first time she visited our area her husband, George Bush, Sr., was the President of the United States. As you can imagine there were many hoops to jump through just to make the connection.

In May of 2011, Mrs. Bush and her Secret Service entourage drove almost 3 hours from her home in Kennebunkport, ME to specifically visit the Stave Puzzle workshop and our Chief Tormentors, Steve and Martha Richardson. Steve gave her the Grand Tour and she tried her hand at crafting a puzzle! What a treat for us!

She is a wonderful woman, full of warmth and kindness - and funny too! Needless to say she is a huge Stave Puzzle fanatic! Thank you Mrs. Bush for visiting Stave!

"They are the best puzzles, we do them over and over again. It's a wonderful family thing."
Barbara Bush quoted in PEOPLE Weekly, August 24, 1998

"Steve and Martha, How great to meet you. You have given us such great pleasure!
Warmly, Barbara Bush"

In 1988, Barbara Bush was given a Stave puzzle and she was so delighted with it that she called to compliment Steve and place an order. Two years later she was campaigning in New Hampshire and Stave received a call saying that she wanted to meet Steve Richardson, the mastermind behind Stave Puzzles. The photo to the left shows their first meeting.

She is a wonderfully classy woman, as you can imagine. Stave has been puzzling her family ever since!

George and Barbara send us such gracious and personal thank you notes and well wishes. We feel very honored to have such a warm relationship with them.

"Dear Steve and friends,
Thank you very much for the Stave Puzzles. Laura, and guest, and I spent a lot of quality time together as we worked on the Staves. You are master craftsmen and fine artists, and we really enjoyed the chance to appreciate your work. All our very best.
Regards, George W. Bush"

"The puzzle table is where a mother can hear lots of secrets! After Stave came into my life, I began learning lots more about our sons. There's something sitting around a puzzle table, working together for long periods of time."
Barbara Bush, The Peak, Singapore