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    artist: Molly Delaney
    © Stave Puzzles, Inc
    Where's Steve? - Paris
    dimensions: 13.25" x 15.75"
    300 pieces

    Steve has lost his way! Steve stepped out for lunch several hours ago! We know he can certainly eat a lot, but he should have definitely returned by now. And while we're used to his disappearances during golf season we're starting to worry. Should we call the police? File a missing persons report? Just when we thought we'd have to send out a search party to track him down, we received a text message from him. It appears Steve's appetite has led him to Paris and he's lost in the city. Can you help us find him?

    Your first mission is to locate Steve, then you'll have to help him find the 10 items he lost throughout the city (an inventory list will be included with your puzzle). We've only heard from him once since his departure and his cell phone was almost out of charge. We're counting on you to help locate our Chief Tormentor and his lost belongings! Don't worry, your efforts won't go unrewarded!

    We'll give you extra Prize Points when your mission is complete!

    - No tricks here Ė just Traditional puzzling at it's best.
    - 300 beautifully hand-crafted pieces!
    - Like Where's Waldo? with a Stave twist!
    - Find Steve and his 10 lost items.
    - Inventory list of lost items included.
    - Add your own personalization.
    - Earn extra Prize Points!


    full price: $2995
    web price: $2396

    IN STOCK: This puzzle can ship on the next business day.

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    IN STOCK: This puzzle can ship on the next business day.

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