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Learn more about Stave puzzles

Want to know more about Stave puzzles?
  • What's the difference between a Trick and a Teaser puzzle?
  • What's so untraditional about our Traditional puzzles?
  • How do we create a one-of-a-kind custom puzzle from your photos or original art?
  • Want to learn more about our hand-painted Limited Edition puzzles?


    The Chief Tormentor explains it all (well, almost!)

    Watch the following videos to learn more about Stave puzzles, from conception, to design, to your puzzle table.
    The Chief Tormentor, Steve Richardson, shares everything from his passion for tormenting puzzle fans with his diabolical Trick puzzles to honoring former first lady, Barbara Bush, with a custom photo puzzle created especially for her!

  • Stave Teaser Puzzles

    Teaser puzzles have cleverly designed features such as irregular edges, repeating shapes, confusing colors and empty spaces in which nothing fits. A surprising challenge you wouldn't expect for this size puzzle. Teaser puzzles are rated in difficulty levels 1-4 with the sword symbol shown below.

    turtle soup
    teaser video
      Watch the video here.
    Stave Trick Puzzles

    Trick puzzles were designed for serious puzzlers. They have pieces that will fit in more than one place, sometimes several! This allows the entire puzzle to go together in many different ways. There is only one correct solution, of course! Trick puzzles are rated in difficulty levels 1-5 with the lightening bolt symbol shown below.

    trick video
      Watch the video here.
    Stave Traditional Puzzles

    Traditional puzzles are crafted from fine art prints that are available in a vast array of categories and themes. You may request names, dates, a special message and silhouette pieces added to your puzzle. Our crafters will fill it with charming, clever, and elegant silhouette pieces according to your wishes OR you can just let us surprise you! The amount of custom pieces depends on the size of the puzzle. Traditional puzzles are created with irregular edges which will vary depending on the size of the puzzle. You'll also discover special cutting features within the puzzle designed to surprise, confound, and delight you!

    teaser video
    Watch the video here.
    Stave Limited Edition Puzzles

    Stave Limited Editions are our masterpieces, pure and simple. All are created from commissioned artwork specifically designed for jigsaw puzzling. Each design goes through months of conceptualization, creation, and fine tuning, until we are certain we have a puzzle that will thrill you with its art, its cleverness, and its overall puzzlement

    limited edition
    Watch the video here.
    Stave Custom Photo Puzzles

    From something as simple as adding a frame to creating an elaborate photo collage, our digital artists and puzzle crafters will magically turn your photos into a one of a kind puzzle! We start with your photos, names, dates and choice of special silhouette pieces and will work with you every step of the way.

    See an e-flipbook of past custom photo puzzle projects we've created here.

    photo collage puzzle Custom photo puzzles
    Watch the video here.



    Just for the FUN of it!

    Watch these puzzles magically come together in the following time lapse videos.
    Don't be fooled, the Stave clown makes it look easy!

    Traditional Puzzle Animation

    This small Traditional puzzle flies together with a little help. The Stave clown and fish find this accomplishment worth celebrating.

    Watch the video here.
    Trick Puzzle Animation

    Ever wonder how a caterpillar can turn into a butterfly? Watch closely as this Metamorphosis is revealed.

    Watch the video here.
    Teaser Puzzle Animation

    Watch a Stave Teaser puzzle magically come together! The whale swallows Jonah and a whole lot more! Will it all fit?

    Watch the video here.



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